Why is the #Nutriscore misleading?
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The contents might partially be unknown yet the #Nutriscore evaluation is B!

How could this Be?

#Nutriscore is misleading, discriminatory and incomplete. And really dangerous! Its paradox is to penalize healthy and natural #food while favoring bad or artificial #products, whose true contents are in some cases unknown.

A precooked lasagna (can we even call that so?) gets an A with the #Nutriscore label. Shocking, right?

Clear faults of the #Nutriscore: products of the #MediterraneanDiet – as Parma ham or Parmigiano cheese – marked as harmful, in red or yellow, then these terrible pre-cooked lasagna (if we can call them so) highly recommended. We are speechless.

Clearly Artificial foods, such as this, are rewarded with a big fat A thanks to the #Nutriscore label. How’s not that discriminatory towards the real excellences of the MediterraneanDiet?

The #Nutriscore is a highly deceptive, simplistic and discriminatory labeling system, which penalizes products of #excellence, while rewards artificial and unpresentable #food, full of water or unhealthy ingredients.

Another high score for the multinational food corporations!

Yet another example of how #Nutriscore has a methodological and agenda setting bias that is working in the interest of multinational #food corporations, especially those specialized in #retail. 1 portion=490G is highly unfair!!

French fries get an A with the #Nutriscore label. You may think Extra Virgin Olive Oil would get the same grade, right? Sorry, wrong again! Apparently not as HEALTHY as these French fries …

According to the embarassing #Nutriscore, French #fries are good and warmly suggested (A-green) to #consumer, while extravirgin #olive oil, Jamón iberico and Comtè cheese are bad and unhealthy(C/D-orange/red). That’s incredible and unacceptable!!

Speechless. No caption needed.

The exquisite Parma #ham – as well as the jamón ibérico – are rejected and slaughtered by the #Nutriscore, while artificial and water-filled products are promoted by this absurd #food labeling system. We must oppose this nonsense!!! (source: http://alimentipedia.it)

Can you imagine it being classified with a C, or even a D? It’s extra Virgin Olive Oil we are talking about! The real treasure of the Mediterranean products.

The #Nutriscore system is very penalizing for the Mediterranean agri-#food sector: olive oil, following this method of labelling, would be classified with the letter C or D, in the same set of ketchup and industrial #drinks. Another deception of this wicked system!!

We dare #DelHaize to find a single Nutritionist on this planet who would agree with this A score.

Chocolate and banana ice cream is one of the many recipes modified by the @DelhaizeFR supermarket chain, celebrated with an A-green from the #Nutriscore, without any #transparency. Hardly any #nutritionist or #dietician would highly recommend it… Isn’t it?

Here we go with another peculiar recipe created by large retailers (which of course scored an A with the #Nutriscore algorithm)! It doesn’t even look appealing though …

Another healthy (!!) and highly recommended recipe, created by large retailers, according to the #Nutriscore. Deception and shame of this algorithm are there for all to see, once again. Would you eat it? #NoNutriscore #MediterraneanDiet #food #labeling #health