1. The provision of safe food and adequate food information is a basic right of the European Consumers. 
  2. Food information provided by food packaging and labels must inform the consumer in an unbiased way and communicate food’s features in a transparent, understandable manner.
  3. Food labelling and food information should be based on solid scientific evidence and respect the provisions of EU law.


Ensuring that market-manipulative labels are not legitimised by EU law.

We work in partnership with the scientific community, consumers, agri-food value chains and political stakeholders to help the pubic being better informed on its food consumption. Challenges posed by labelling practices such as the Nutriscore jeopardise instead consumer health, distort the market and destroy century-old Mediterranean culinary traditions.

We promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of nutrient-specific diets for healthy living, based on a sound understanding of the principle of ‘food quantity moderation and quality’.

Our mission is to urge national and EU policymakers to disregard the Nutriscore label from being considered among the tools of the Farm to Fork Strategy. Instead, other effective solutions should be considered.


Nutriscore does not satisfy the Farm to Fork provision for a mandatory front-of-pack nutrition label (FOPNL)

  1. Nutriscore is ambiguous, opaque and does not contribute to educating consumers on a healthy diet.
  2. It is based on an incorrect algorithm that misjudges nutritional properties. It lacks nutrient-specific information, which are essential to follow a healthy diet.
  3. It fosters the creation of a new category of food products, artificially designed to claim better nutritional values than traditional ones, whereby not informing the consumer of the chemical modifications made on food for it to be given a positive Nutriscore.
  4. It is anti-competitive, manipulative and distorts the market. On the contrary, these new products put at risk traditional agricultural production & supply chains, as well as the job markets related to them. 


The No-Nutriscore Alliance gives a voice to those against the Nutriscore FOPNL throughout Europe.

The No-Nutriscore Alliance unites consumers, the scientific world, and those within the food chain who are negatively affected by the Nutriscore. Our work focuses mainly on gathering these voices to make them heard at national and European level, to raise awareness to the European Commission on the impacts, consequences and economical drawbacks caused by the Nutriscore.

We work towards raising awareness on the negative impacts of the Nutriscore FOPNL, through the management of three online platforms to better reach the general public, including an website (www.no-nutriscore.eu), a Twitter profile (@NoNutriscore) and a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NoNutriscore).


The No-Nutriscore Alliance is an informal association created by a group of professionals and citizens. It is composed by those who have decided to sign the Manifesto against the Nutriscore FOPNL. The creator of the Alliance is Luciano Stella. The Alliance does not receive any form of public or private financial support. For more information, please write to info@no-nutriscore.eu