Press Release on the EFSA’s Scientific Advice related to Nutrient Profiling

Brussels, 05/05/2022 

Object: Comments from the No-Nutriscore Alliance on the EFSA’s Scientific Advice related to nutrient profiling, for the development of harmonised mandatory front‐of‐pack nutrition labelling and the setting of nutrient profiles for restricting nutrition and health claims on foods. 

We warmly welcome the recent Scientific Advice of the European Food Safety Authority, related to nutrient profiling, on which the European Commission will base the proposal regarding the EU mandatory nutrition label, by the end of 2022. 

According to EFSA, in fact, the nutritional profile of the entire diet, and not that of individual foods, is indicated as the most important factor in good health. 

Furthermore, EFSA did not endorse the use of traffic light labels and underlines how the use of a fixed parameter such as 100 grams (that adopted by the Nutriscore) was unrelated to real consumption. 

The Authority has also confirmed the validity of the Dietary Reference Values (DRV), the reference values of the European diet. 

A further confirmation, from a scientific and impartial point of view, of how much the Nutriscore is a system to be completely avoided. For the well-being of all of us.