Press Release on the EC’s Public Consultation on Food Labelling

Brussels, 09/03/2022 

Object: Comments from the No-Nutriscore Alliance on the European Commission’s Public Consultation on Food Labelling.

“Food labelling – revision of rules on information provided to consumers” is a proposal from the European Commission to revise EU rules on the information provided to consumers is part of the EU’s ‘farm-to-fork’ strategy. 

It aims to ensure better labelling information to help consumers make healthier and more sustainable food choices and tackle food waste, by proposing to introduce standardised mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labelling, extend mandatory origin or provenance information for certain products and revise the rules on date marking (‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates). 

The No-Nutriscore Alliance is pleased to welcome this revision. 

We are glad about the willingness shown by the Commission to accustom the consumer into making healthier food choices to combat serious health risks caused by unjust food consumption. 

Educating and adapting would run parallel with the implementation of a QR Code, for instance, which would allow both the younger generation and the older one to scan the code and obtain ‘all’ nutritional information. 

By having easy access to all information through a scanning mechanism, would allow consumers to make the choice of food which best suits their dietary needs. Unlike, labels such as the Nutriscore, which are primarily market distorting, discriminatory towards certain foods and consumer orientating, the introduction of a QR code which would defiantly be a much better alternative. 

European consumers need to be educated, not oriented.