Press Release on the proposal for a black sticker for alcoholic beverages

Brussels, 07/02/2022

Object: Comments from the No-Nutriscore Alliance on the proposal of the creator of the Nutriscore, Mr. Serge Hercberg, to label all alcoholic beverages, even in small quantities, with a black sticker and the “F” letter.

Last Friday, Mr. Serge Hercberg, Professor of Nutrition at the Faculty of Medicine of the Sorbonne University in Paris North and one of the creators of the Nutriscore labeling system, has officially proposed to stamp all drinks that contain alcohol, even in small quantities, with a black “F” – therefore regardless of the gradation – in order to highlight its danger to health.

We are deeply bewildered and concerned about this umpteenth reckless idea, from the proponents of Nutriscore, which has little to do with science and much more with a fundamentalist and paternalistic ideology, towards the consumer.

Some of the best wines in the world are produced in Europe and it is scientifically proven that their moderate consumption during meals is more than recommended.

Instead of trying to educate to the balanced and correct consumption of alcoholic beverages, they are condemned with a black sticker, damaging one of the oldest and most enriching assets of the European identity.