Press Release on the motion for resolution against Nutriscore

Brussels, 02/02/2022

Object: Comments from the No-Nutriscore Alliance on the motion for resolution presented by several French MPs, close to President Emmanuel Macron, who asked for a revision of the Nutriscore’s calculation method.

Last week, in a motion for a resolution presented to the French National Assembly, some deputies close to President Emmanuel Macron ask the government to change the calculation of the current Nutriscore, weighting it with the nutritional calculation of information on the level of food processing.

They propose to use the Siga index, which establishes a classification of the degree of transformation based, in particular, on the ingredients and additives contained in the recipes.

We are pleased to see how – in addition to the statements of the French Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie, who in recent days has sided in favor of a revision of the Nutriscore – also several national parliamentarians close to President Macron consider it an incorrect and dangerous labeling system. And, for this reason, it should undoubtedly be revised.

We continue our battle, so that the Nutriscore can instead be abolished completely, avoiding serious and irreparable damage to the already enormously affected European agri-food production chain.