Press release on the NutriPerso algorithm

Brussels, 19/01/2022

Object: Comments from the No-Nutriscore Alliance on the presentation of the “NutriPerso” app from myLabel.

Yesterday the digital application myLabel presented a new algorithm, aimed at integrating with the Nutriscore, called “NutriPerso”.
Through this system, entirely online, by entering one’s age and gender on the app, it is possible to know if and in what quantities a food can be recommended for the consumer.
Once again, in our view, these tools are not the solution to citizens’ health problems and are a deception for them.

As already observed by numerous scientists and professionals, if we do not take into account also various other factors, such as weight, the practice of sporting activities and the state of health of the person, these indicators risk being not only incomplete, but also really a threat for those who use them, because it risks misleading them and suggesting industrial products, enriched by chemical additives, rather than the more natural ones.

As always, the best answer is to be found in a healthy lifestyle, consisting of a balanced diet, regular checks and constant sporting activity. In times when science is too often mistreated, trust doctors, nutritionists and dieticians, please: stay away from wrong and dangerous labeling systems.